CIF/Poly Eligibility

LBUSD Athletics: Eligibility Requirements

Students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average and pass 20 credits to be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletic contests. If a student does not meet the grade point average requirement, s/he may apply for a waiver to be on probation for a single nine-week grading period.* However, if the student was ineligible for two consecutive grading periods, s/he is not eligible to petition for a waiver. The waiver application must be approved by an administrative panel in order for an athlete to compete. The student-athlete may only be granted a waiver to be on probation once during the academic school year. Any student athlete who is classified as a truant, as defined by provisions of the Education Code, Section 48260, shall be ineligible for a period of nine weeks from the date of such classification. A student who is suspended from school is ineligible for her/his next scheduled athletic contest, even if it falls in the following season, semester, or year.

Graduation Requirements

210 credits are required to earn a diploma.
250 credits, completion of all sections of the California Standards Test, and a 2.0 GPA or better are required to earn a Medallion Award.

English 8 40
World History 2 10
U.S. History 2 10
Economics 1 5
U.S. Government 1 5
Physical Science 2 10
Biological Science 2 10
Mathematics* 8 40
Physical Education 4 20
Foreign Language 2 10
Electives 12 60
Total Credits for Diploma 220

*Algebra Requirement:
Students must successfully complete the equivalent of Algebra 1-2 to meet this requirement if Algebra 1-2 was not completed in grades 7 or 8.