NCAA Amateurism Certification

Do I have to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

Yes. If you want to compete in NCA A Division I or II athletics in your first year of college, you must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and be certified academically and as an amateur.

When should I register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

Register for the NCAA Eligibility Center at the beginning of your junior year in high school. The “My Sports” section should be updated regularly so that colleges or universities recruiting you will have up-to-date information about you. Be sure to ask your high school counselor to send your high school transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center after you have completed at least six semesters of high school coursework.

 Is there a registration deadline?

No. However, you must be certified both academically and as an amateur before you are eligible to compete at an NCAA Division I or II college or university during your first year of collegiate enrollment.

 What is the cost of the registration fee?

The registration fee is $65 for domestic college-bound student-athletes. There is only one fee to register for the NCAA Eligibility Center, which covers both the academic and amateurism certifications. In addition, there is no reduction of the fee if the college-bound student-athlete does not need an academic certification (e.g., has already served an academic year in residence at a collegiate institution).

 May I receive a fee waiver?

Yes, you are eligible for a waiver of the initial-eligibility certification fee if you have already received a fee waiver (not a state voucher) for the ACT or SAT. If you have not been granted a fee waiver by ACT or SAT, then you will NOT be eligible for a waiver of the certification fee. If you are seeking a waiver of the certification fee, you should confirm your eligibility with your high school counselor. Your high school counselor MUST submit an electronic fee waiver confirmation before your registration may be processed.

 Who can help me complete the amateurism registration process?

Anyone can assist you in completing the process. However, when you have completed the registration process, YOU will be the only person allowed to submit the information to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

 If I complete the registration process but don’t attend a Division I or II college or university immediately following high school, do I need to complete the registration process again if I want to attend a Division I or II college or university later?

Before being certified for an NCAA Division I or II college or university, you will be required to update the information you provided for the sports-participation questions. You will not be charged a registration fee to update your file. However, if you fail to submit all the documents required or if no NCAA school requests your eligibility status, your account will be discarded after five years, requiring you to pay a new fee if a certification is requested after that time.

 Will a paper copy of the amateurism form be available?

No, the registration form will only be available on the NCAA Eligibility Center website and must be completed online.

 Once I complete the amateurism questions, how long will it take to find out if I am certified as an amateur?

After you complete all of the questions, the length of time it will take for you to receive your “preliminary status report” will depend on the answers you provided.

 Can I receive different amateurism certifications for Divisions I and II?

Yes. Divisions I and II have different rules, so it is possible that your certification status may be different for each division.

 How often can I update my information?

You can update your information as often as you need until you request a final certification of your amateurism status. At that point, you will no longer be able to update your amateurism information.

 When can I request final amateurism certification?

Beginning April 1 for fall enrollees and beginning October 1 for spring/winter enrollees.

Who will be certified?

Every college-bound student-athlete who is attending an NCAA Division I or II college or university for the first time, must be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

 Am I automatically ineligible if I violated the amateurism rules?

No. The NCAA Eligibility Center will review your sports-participation history. If there are violations of NCAA amateurism rules, the NCAA Eligibility Center may certify you with conditions, which must be fulfilled before you are eligible for competition. The conditions will be set based on which rule was violated and the severity of the violation. Such conditions may include repayment of money or sitting out of competition for a specified number of games, or both. In some cases, the NCAA Eligibility Center may determine that the violations are such that permanent ineligibility for competition is the appropriate penalty.

 Can I appeal a certification decision regarding my amateur status?

Yes. The NCAA has an appeals process in place if you choose to appeal the certification decision. You will need to work with an NCAA college or university since all appeals must be filed by the college or university staff.

Source: NCAA & The NCAA Eligibility Center

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