SAT/ACT Testing

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Test Date Test Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline Scores Available
August 25, 2018 SAT & Subject July 27 August 15 September
October 6, 2018 SAT & Subject September 7 September 26 October
November 3, 2018 SAT & Subject October 5 October 24 November 16
December 1, 2018 SAT & Subject November 2 November 20 December 14
March 9, 2019 SAT February 8 February 27 March 22
March 27, 2019 SAT      SAT SCHOOL DAY April 19
May 4, 2019 SAT & Subject April 5 April 24 May 17
June 1, 2019 SAT & Subject  May 3 May 22 July 10
Registration $47.50
SAT with Essay $64.50
Late Registration +$29
Deadline expire at 9 pm
Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline Scores Available
September 8, 2018 August 12 August 26  September 18
October 27, 2018 September 28 October 14  November 13
December 8, 2018 November 2 November 19  December 18
February 9, 2019 January 11 January 18  February 20
April 13, 2019 March 8 March 25  April 23
June 8, 2019 May 3 May 20  June 18
July 13, 2019 June 14 June 24 July 23
Registration $50.50
Registration Plus Writing $67
Late Registration +$30

When registering, please note that the Poly’s school code is “051480.” Send scores to the NCAA Eligibility Center (code: “9999”) and/or the NAIA Eligibility Center (code: “9876”). There should be no additional fee for the reporting of test scores (up to four recipients) if submitted at the time of registration.

If you would like to apply for a fee waiver, please obtain a fee waiver form from Ms. Womack in the Career Center. The fee waiver will ask for basic income and tax information. You must attach the most recent copy of your 1040 and/or AFDC/TANF and/or California Health & Welfare Notice of Action and/or Social Security Award Letter. (AFDC/TANF, California Health & Welfare Notice of Action, Social Security Award Letter must be accompanied by parent/guardian letter stating this is the sole source of income and this student is that parent’s/guardian’s dependent.) If you receive free/reduced lunch, obtain a letter from the cafeteria. Please submit the completed form and the necessary documents to Ms. Womack who will assess whether you qualify or not.



Free Online Test Preparation for PSAT, SAT & ACT

Long Beach Poly High School is pleased to offer award winning online test preparation for the SAT, PSAT and ACT provided by Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions for FREE. All students now have 24-7 on demand access to comprehensive preparation.

These lessons will guide students through instruction, practice and mastery on every skill tested on the exams. Kaplan’s proven methods are delivered through instructional video lessons, guided practice problems, and independent practice quizzes. Kaplan’s adaptive learning technology, Smart Track, analyzes the student performance and adjusts to provide each student with a customized learning plan. Smart Track also moves from course to course, and test to test with students, so that demonstrated mastery in the PSAT is carried over to the SAT.

Here’s how to sign up

  1. Visit Under “Free Resources” select “SAT Online”, “PSAT Online” or “ACT Online”
  2. Click “Enroll Now”, then click “Proceed to Next Step”
  3. Fill out “Billing Information” (don’t worry, it’s still free). You must complete all fields, including student and parent contact information and your high school name.
  4. In the “Promotion Code” box, enter the *discount code* for the course you would like to begin: SAT Online: SATBTS711; PSAT Online: PSATBTS711; ACT Online:ACTBTS711
  5. Click “Apply” next to the promo code box. Total should automatically reset to $0.
  6. Click “Submit Order”, and you’re done!

This is a tremendous advantage for those students looking for preparation options for the fall exams. We urge you to take advantage of this offer. If you need further assistance with these programs, please contact Kaplan at 1-800-KAPTEST.